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Company/Lobbyist details

Business entity name: TG Public Affairs Pty Ltd
Trading name: TG Public Affairs
ABN: 23630677673
Owner details
J Brenton Holdings Pty Ltd
Lilyhill Investments Pty Ltd
Minerve Investments Pty Ltd
Tomogen Pty Ltd

Details of all persons or employees who conduct lobbying activities

Name Position Former Senior Government Representative Cessation Date Associations
Paul Bigsby-Chamberlin Principal / Consultant True 07/01/2016
Mark Brandon-Baker Managing Director / Consultant True 07/01/2002
John Brenton Principal True
Michael Choueifate Principal / Consultant True 12/08/2017
Megan Redmond Consultant False
Brendan Tegg Principal True

Current third party client details

Clients that currently retain the services of the business to provide paid or unpaid lobbyist services.

Name Paid services are provided to this client? Client Added
1st Group Yes 19/08/2020
Adelaide Airport Yes 19/10/2020
Agrimix Pastures Pty Ltd Yes 30/07/2021
Australian Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society Yes 28/09/2022
Bellberry Limited Yes 15/01/2020
Beulah International Yes 19/08/2020
BlackBerry Yes 15/01/2020
Brisbane Airport Corporation Yes 09/08/2021
Catalyst Health REIT Yes 30/07/2021
Coca-Cola South Pacific Yes 02/07/2019
Cochlear Limited Yes 19/08/2020
Coviu Yes 19/10/2020
CropLife Australia Yes 04/08/2021
CSL Behring LLC Yes 19/08/2020
DJI Technology Australia Pty Ltd Yes 30/07/2021
Downer Group Yes 19/10/2020
Elenium Automation Yes 30/07/2021
ENGIE in Australia Yes 30/07/2021
Exact Contracting Pty Ltd Yes 25/08/2021
Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries Yes 04/07/2019
Flinders Port Holdings Yes 19/08/2020
FMC Australasia Pty Ltd Yes 30/07/2021
Goodstart Early Learning Yes 19/08/2020
Google Australia Yes 04/07/2019
GreyScan Pty Ltd Yes 25/10/2020
IFM Investors Pty Ltd Yes 15/01/2020
Iluka Resources Limited Yes 15/01/2020
Impossible Foods Yes 19/08/2020
Independent Higher Education Australia Yes 19/08/2020
Infrastructure Finance Australia Pty Ltd Yes 29/01/2020
International Power (Australia) Pty Ltd Yes 04/07/2019
IOOF Holdings Limited Yes 04/07/2019
K&L Gates Yes 04/08/2021
La Trobe University Yes 04/07/2019
Lendlease Pty Ltd Yes 15/01/2020
LMS Energy Yes 19/08/2020
Manufacturing Australia Yes 04/07/2019
Marand Precision Engineering Pty Ltd Yes 29/01/2020
Mineral Resources LTD Yes 30/07/2021
Murdoch University Yes 04/07/2019
My Plan Manager Yes 30/07/2021
National Retail Association Yes 12/10/2020
Penske Power Systems Yes 19/08/2020
Phonographic Performance Company of Australia Yes 04/07/2019
Port Waratah Coal Services Limited Yes 04/07/2019
Prime Super Pty Ltd Yes 15/01/2020
Regis Aged Care Pty Ltd Yes 15/01/2020
Rheinmetall Defence Yes 15/01/2020
SAAB Yes 15/01/2020
Sims Metal Management Yes 15/01/2020
Standards Australia Yes 04/07/2019
Stormbringer Studios Pty Ltd Yes 04/08/2021
Strong Room Technology Pty Ltd Yes 02/03/2021
Sureway Employment and Training Yes 30/07/2021
The University of Notre Dame Australia Yes 04/08/2021
TPG Telecom Yes 19/08/2020
UGL Pty Limited Yes 19/10/2020
Vanguard Health Yes 30/07/2021
Viva Energy Australia Yes 19/08/2020

Previous third party client details

Clients that previously retained the services of the business to provide paid or unpaid lobbyist services (from the previous 12 months)

Name: Made Previous Client Added
Australian Retailers Association 12/10/2020 15/01/2020
iFarm 19/08/2020 15/01/2020
MANSKI Pty Ltd 30/07/2021 15/01/2020
Phosphate Resources Limited 19/08/2020 15/01/2020
Rural Funds Management 19/08/2020 15/01/2020
Seven West Media 19/08/2020 04/07/2019
Silver Lake Partners 30/07/2021 19/08/2020
The Shell Company of Australia Ltd 30/07/2021 04/07/2019
Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Australia (CC BY-ND 3.0)
Last updated
25 March, 2020

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