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Company/Lobbyist details

Business entity name: Anacta Strategies Pty Ltd
Trading name: Anacta Strategies
ABN: 64 633 978 677
Owner details
Anacta Holdings Australia Pty Ltd

Details of all persons or employees who conduct lobbying activities

Name Position Former Senior Government Representative Cessation Date Associations
Evan Moorhead Company Secretary & Director True 17/05/2019
David Nelson Director False
Liam O'Regan Senior Associate True 08/01/2016
Jessame Tibbitts Associate False

Current third party client details

Clients that currently retain the services of the business to provide paid or unpaid lobbyist services.

Name Paid services are provided to this client? Client Added
Aspen Medical Pty Ltd Yes 15/02/2021
Australian Country Choice Holdings Pty Ltd Yes 05/01/2022
Callaghan Road Pty Ltd Yes 01/04/2021
Court Network Inc. No 30/08/2021
Davidson Yes 19/03/2020
Dexus Funds Management Limited Yes 07/12/2021
Diatreme Resources Yes 16/08/2020
Downer Group Yes 30/08/2019
Fluent Property Pty Ltd Yes 20/08/2020
Football Queensland Yes 16/09/2020
Glencore Holdings Australia Pty Ltd Yes 19/08/2020
Griffith University Yes 02/07/2020
Hyundai Rotem Company Yes 20/05/2022
Lion - Beer, Spirits & Wine Pty Ltd Yes 22/07/2021
LiveNation Yes 05/08/2019
MakeSport Pty Ltd No 20/09/2021
Maurice Blackburn Yes 04/08/2019
Nexport Pty Ltd Yes 20/06/2022
Phosphate International Yes 02/07/2020
Pinssar Pty Ltd Yes 02/02/2022
Plenary Group Yes 02/07/2020
QER Pty Ltd Yes 01/02/2022
Queensland Motorways Pty Ltd Yes 18/08/2021
SeaSwift Yes 04/08/2020
Shine Justice Ltd Yes 19/11/2020
Smart Pups Assistance Dogs for Special Needs Children Inc No 15/02/2022
Streem Pty Ltd Yes 23/06/2021
Tabcorp Holdings Yes 01/06/2021
The Pharmacy Guild of Australia Queensland Branch Yes 21/03/2022
Unitywater Yes 02/07/2020
Vast Solar Pty Ltd Yes 11/08/2021
Wanless Waste Management Pty Ltd Yes 20/07/2021
Watpac Construction (Qld) Pty Ltd Yes 26/06/2020
White Wind Project No 1 Pty Ltd Yes 23/09/2020
Yabbr Pty Ltd Yes 12/11/2019

Previous third party client details

Clients that previously retained the services of the business to provide paid or unpaid lobbyist services (from the previous 12 months)

Name: Made Previous Client Added
Accessible Homes Australia Pty Ltd 19/12/2021 17/11/2021
Accessible Resort Hotel Group Pty Ltd 16/07/2021 17/03/2021
Airbnb 21/06/2022 30/11/2021
Australian Beverage Council 16/07/2021 01/02/2021
Churchill Abattoir Pty Ltd 16/07/2021 01/09/2020
City Winery Brisbane Pty Ltd 16/07/2021 04/05/2021
Devine Property Group Pty Ltd 15/02/2022 11/08/2021
Gailes Golf Club 15/02/2022 19/02/2020
Genex Power Limited 17/02/2022 01/07/2020
Gondwana Testing Technology Circuits Queensland 19/12/2021 18/08/2021
Granite Belt Water Limited 22/12/2021 25/11/2021
Gravitytech Group 19/12/2021 05/02/2021
Huntsman Property Pty Ltd 19/12/2021 20/11/2020
Imperium Tourism Holdings Pty Ltd 15/02/2022 23/03/2020
Institute of Urban Indigenous Health 25/03/2022 23/03/2021
Pacific View Farm (Qld) Pty Ltd 20/06/2022 15/04/2021
Pandana Capital Pty Ltd 16/07/2021 08/09/2020
Poseidon Sea Pilots Pty Ltd 19/06/2022 27/10/2021
Redman Solutions Pty Ltd 15/02/2022 03/12/2020
Salary Packaging Australia Pty Ltd 15/02/2022 20/07/2020
Sunshine Coast Orthopaedic Group 19/06/2022 01/02/2022
University of the Sunshine Coast 31/08/2021 27/05/2020
WorkHaven Pty Ltd 15/02/2022 15/12/2020
Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Australia (CC BY-ND 3.0)
Last updated
25 March, 2020

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