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Company/Lobbyist details

Business entity name: Commercial Licensing Specialists Pty Ltd
Trading name: Commercial Licensing Specialists
ABN: 33 134 318 595
Owner details
Mr Daniel J Marino
Ms Jennifer Anne Wood

Details of all persons or employees who conduct lobbying activities

Name Position Former Senior Government Representative Cessation Date Associations
Zoe Greenwood Admin Assistant False
Melynda Robinson Consultant False
Jennifer Anne Wood Owner/Consultant False

Current third party client details

Clients that currently retain the services of the business to provide paid or unpaid lobbyist services.

Name Paid services are provided to this client? Client Added
2 Tribes Pty Ltd Yes
BM Nominees Pty Ltd Yes
Carter Mills Hotels Pty Ltd Yes
Clayton Enterprises Pty Ltd Yes
Coolgaree Bay Sports & Bistro Pty Ltd Yes
Cypressa Pty Ltd Yes
Enberg Pty Ltd and Brenderwin Corporation Pty Ltd Yes
FZZ Pty Ltd ATF The Crust Pizza B H Unit Trust Yes
G.A.A Pty Ltd atf The G.A.A Asset Trust Yes
Gary Smithers Yes
GJ & PM Investments Pty Ltd Yes
GR & R Martin Enterprises Pty Ltd Yes
Grosvenor Holdings (QLD) Pty Ltd Yes
Gundwane P/L atf the BFG Trust Yes
Hardwork Pty Ltd Yes
Helensvale Bowls Club Ltd Yes
Iconport Pty Ltd Yes
In Roma Pty Ltd Yes
Jondoral Pty Ltd Yes
Justin Lane Pty Ltd Yes
Kalex Group Pty Ltd Yes
Katsunori Hasegawa Yes
Komune Pty Ltd Yes
LP Investments PTY LTD ATF The Rains Family Trust NO2 & WMO Exchange PTY LTD ATF The WMO Exchange Trust Yes
Ludlow Hospitality Qld Pty Ltd atf The Ludlow Family Trust Yes
Manasvi Pty Ltd Yes
MFB Properties Pty Ltd Yes
Northern Investment Holdings Pty Ltd Yes
Oasis Catering Pty Ltd Yes
Paradise Cocktails & Syrups Pty Ltd Yes
Players Showgirls Pty Ltd Yes
Qld Hotel & Liquor Group Pty Ltd atf The Windsor Hotel & Motel, Dalby Unit Trust Yes
Redbank Nominees Pty Ltd Yes
Ruedas Business Investment Pty Ltd Yes
Salt House Pty Ltd Yes
Sandmore Marketing Pty Ltd ATF WEK Business Trust Yes
Santinos Restaurant Pty Ltd Yes
Sexcess Pty Ltd Yes
Shibui Qld Pty Ltd ATF Shibui Unit Trust Yes
Shooters JV Pty Ltd Yes
Showbar140 Pty Ltd Yes
Simon James Pty Ltd Yes
South Sky Assets Pty Ltd Yes
Strand Properties Townsville Pty Ltd Yes
Sun Tourism Pty Ltd Yes
Tap House Pty Ltd Yes
The Hi Fi Brisbane Pty Ltd Yes
The Jungle Village Pty Ltd Yes
The Platinum Empire Pty Ltd Yes
The Rising Sun Restaurant & Bar Yes
Tuckeria Pty Ltd Yes
Tursiops Pty Ltd atf P.L Lynch Family Trust Yes
VNP Corporation Pty Ltd Yes
Ying Enterprise Pty Ltd Yes

Previous third party client details

Clients that previously retained the services of the business to provide paid or unpaid lobbyist services (from the previous 12 months)

Name: Made Previous Client Added
AH & MM Pty Ltd
All About the Food Pty Ltd
Bistro @ Kurrawa Pty Ltd 29/06/2015
Claire Mammino 29/06/2015
Dreamtint Pty Ltd
Frederick Dodd Kitson Ericsen-Miller 29/06/2015
Inderjit Pal Singh Jaiswal
JCK Corporation Pty Ltd
MQV Pty Ltd
Ridgeway Mak Pty Ltd
Saga Hospitality Group Pty Ltd 29/06/2015
Springbok Foods Pty Ltd 29/06/2015
The Escape Group Pty Ltd
Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Australia (CC BY-ND 3.0)
Last updated
25 March, 2020

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