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Trading NameLobbyistClientGovernmentRepresentitivesContact DateContact PurposeIsActive
Next Level Strategic ServicesRemServDeputy Chief of Staff, Office of the Premier30/10/2015Commercial-in-confidenceTrue
CPR GroupFuture Quarry ResourcesMayor Mark Jamieson, Cr Ted Hungerford, Craig Matheson, Marc Cornell - Sunshine Coast Council27/10/2015OtherTrue
GRACosway Pty LtdAon Risk SolutionsPrincipal Advisor to the Treasurer26/10/2015Making or amendment of legislationTrue
GRACosway Pty LtdProject Management InstitutePrincipal Advisor to the Treasurer26/10/2015IntroductionTrue
GRACosway Pty LtdMulpha Australia LimitedPrincipal Advisor to the Treasurer26/10/2015Development or amendment of a government policy or programTrue
Enhance CorporateSpel EnvironmentalMinister for Environment, Steven Miles. Chief of Staff Phillip Halton23/10/2015IntroductionTrue
Hawker BrittonMotorolaPolicy Advisor, Office of the Premier and Minister for Arts16/10/2015Commercial-in-confidenceTrue
Enhance CorporateQld NickelQld Treasury: Under Secretary, Jim Murphy. Seputy Under Scretary, Dennis Molloy. Chief of Staff, Jason Humphries. Mark Vilgrin13/10/2015Commercial-in-confidenceTrue
Enhance CorporateQld NickelQld Treasury: Under Secretary, Jim Murphy. Seputy Under Scretary, Dennis Molloy. Mark Vilgrin12/10/2015Commercial-in-confidenceTrue
Enhance CorporateQld NickelQld Treasury: Under Secretary, Jim Murphy.08/10/2015Commercial-in-confidenceTrue
Enhance CorporateQld NickelQld Treasury: Curtis Pitt MP. Under Secretary, Jim Murphy. Chief of Staff, Jason Humphries. Policy Advisor, Laughlin Smith.07/10/2015Commercial-in-confidenceTrue
Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Australia (CC BY-ND 3.0)
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1 June, 2016

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