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Trading NameLobbyistClientGovernmentRepresentitivesContact DateContact PurposeIsActive
KHA Development ManagersHoward AronJohn Knaggs (CEO - Sunshine Coast Council)30/01/2015Commercial-in-confidenceTrue
Shac CommunicationsASFRichard Clarke, COGC Major Projects and Economic Development Sally Bornholt, COGC Major Projects and Economic Development15/01/2015OtherTrue
Shac CommunicationsBrisbane Roar Football ClubDarren Scott, Director Economic Development COGC Craig Rowsell, Economic Development COGC Annie Norton-Knight, Economic Development COGC15/01/2015OtherTrue
Shac CommunicationsASFRichard Clarke, Major Projects, Economic Development Branch, COGC Sally Bornholt, Major Projects, Economic Development Branch, COGC08/01/2015OtherTrue
Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Australia (CC BY-ND 3.0)
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1 June, 2016

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