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Trading NameLobbyistClientGovernmentRepresentitivesContact DateContact PurposeIsActive
Rowland Pty LtdSercoExecutive Director, Department of Housing and Public Works24/04/2014Awarding of a government contract or grantTrue
Rowland Pty LtdSercoDDG, Housing and Public Works24/04/2014Awarding of a government contract or grantTrue
Next Level Strategic ServicesCarbon EnergyChief of Staff, Minister for Natural Resources and Mines17/04/2014Commercial-in-confidenceTrue
Next Level Strategic ServicesCarbon EnergyChief of Staff, Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection17/04/2014Commercial-in-confidenceTrue
Next Level Strategic ServicesCarbon EnergyDirector of Policy, Office of the Premier17/04/2014Commercial-in-confidenceTrue
CPR GroupHolcim (Australia) Pty LtdBert Van Manen, Fed MP Forde15/04/2014OtherTrue
Barton DeakinCaltexExecutive Director, Planning Services, DSDIP and Project Manager – Planning Group, DSDIP15/04/2014Development or amendment of a government policy or programTrue
Barton DeakinGreens General FoodsSenior Manager Brisbane Marketing. Business Liaison Officer Ipswich City Council15/04/2014IntroductionTrue
23D Pty LtdQueensland Homicide Victims Support GroupRebecca Naranjo (Premier's Office) Kyla Hayden (Director, DPC) Lauren Pearce (Policy Officer, DPC) Robyn Rosengrave (Director, DETE) Diane Aylward (Manager, DETE)14/04/2014OtherTrue
Shac CommunicationsMarrom Investments Pty LtdLes Cox - Minister Cripps Office11/04/2014Commercial-in-confidenceTrue
Shac CommunicationsMarrom Investments Pty LtdTroy Collings - Minister Powell's Office11/04/2014Commercial-in-confidenceTrue
CPR GroupHolcim (Australia) Pty LtdJoanne Wilson and Megan Davis, EHP10/04/2014OtherTrue
CPR GroupHolcim (Australia) Pty LtdDavid Brudenell, City Waste Unit, GCCC09/04/2014OtherTrue
CPR GroupCement Australia Group Pty LtdMayor Cr Gail Sellers Cr Burnett, Cr Brushe, Cr Chapman, Cr Lanzon, Cr Hansen, Cr Porter Ken O’Dowd MP09/04/2014OtherTrue
CPR GroupWesley Mission BrisbaneCr Matthew Bourke09/04/2014IntroductionTrue
Rowland Pty LtdCollection HouseAdviser, Officer of the Treasurer09/04/2014Awarding of a government contract or grantTrue
CPR GroupHolcim (Australia) Pty LtdCr Donna Gates08/04/2014OtherTrue
Rowland Pty LtdKTQ DevelopmentsSpecial Adviser, DSDIP08/04/2014Making of a decision about planning or giving of a development approval under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009True
Shac CommunicationsMarrom Investments Pty LtdDan Hunt - DG Department of Energy and Water Supply; Francis Quinlivan - Advisier, Minister McArdle's Office08/04/2014Commercial-in-confidenceTrue
Rowland Pty LtdSercoDeputy Director General, Department of Premier and Cabinet03/04/2014Commercial-in-confidenceTrue
Barton DeakinAspen MedicalPremier of Queensland Senior Advisor Director General Department of Health03/04/2014IntroductionTrue
GRACosway Pty LtdDrinkWise Australia LtdChief of Staff to the Attorney General02/04/2014OtherTrue
GRACosway Pty LtdDrinkWise Australia LtdSenior Advisor and Advisor, Office of the Premier02/04/2014OtherTrue
GRACosway Pty LtdDrinkWise Australia LtdSenior Advisor, Office of the Minister for Health02/04/2014OtherTrue
SAS GroupCarabella ResourcesAndrew Freeman, Chief of Staff to the Minister for Natural Resources and Mines01/04/2014Commercial-in-confidenceTrue
KHA Development ManagersKnowles Group/Alexandra Surf Life Saving ClubCr Chris Thompson01/04/2014OtherTrue
Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Australia (CC BY-ND 3.0)
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1 June, 2016

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